28 August 2009

...~sgt sweet~....

DiKarAnG oleh: SHA AZIS PaDA 8/28/2009 12:57:00 PM
aku sangat tersentuh dengan kata2 si penulis. dan, aku nak share dengan kamu semua. :)

"Dear Soulmate,

I do not know who you are, or where or when we will meet, but I do hope it is soon..

I pray that when we meet and fall in love, you will love me, for me, and not hope for someone who is thinner or prettier. I hope you won't compare me to girls who may have brighter smiles. I hope that you will make me laugh, take care of me if I get sick, and be trustworthy.

I hope you will remember that I prefer roses than daisies, and that my favourite is blue and not pink. Please know that my eyes aren't brown, but they're black.

Please know that I might be too shy to stare you from eye to eye, but please don't be afraid to stare at me. I won't slap you or push you away. When we go on a date, please don't be stress about where to take me; what's important is that I'll be with you.

If I cry, please know it isn't because of you, just hold me close, and I'll heal quickly. And, if it is because of you, I'll heal just the same.

Please tell me if anything I do bothers you, or if something just doesn't sit right.I would like you to always be honest with me. If Ihave a bad day, I hope you will shower me with confidence and smile.

I hope you don't think that I'm asking too much of you. I hope you understand that I'm a little bit nervous and very scared. I wish I could tell you how or when we will meet, and if we will be in love forever. Every relationship is a new game of cards, and ... .. I've never been good at cards. But I will try my best to be kind and love you dearly for all that you are, without expecting too much from you. Thank you for listening; this all that I ask..."

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