02 May 2009

how does it feel

DiKarAnG oleh: SHA AZIS PaDA 5/02/2009 09:25:00 PM
How does it feel
to be used
and discarded?
Cos baby you're a stopgap
Darling you're a stopgap
Now how does it feel
To be so disposable?
Like a razor or a camera
or broken light bulb?
To be so inconsequential?
or to mean nothing at all?
Do you remember the time
when i was so faithful?
Do you remember
when i was so faithful to you
or anyone?

you will make excuses for it:
"I don't want commitment"
"I just want to be alone"
"Yes i really like you BUT"
"I must leave you"
"But i don't hurt you..."


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