01 April 2012

I am poem

DiKarAnG oleh: SHA AZIS PaDA 4/01/2012 10:03:00 PM

Alhamdulillah.. finally i  finished my GEMS .. i just want to share my poem .. i wrote this poem in business writing module.. it's really touch me inside.. when i read this poem ...i cry...

I am poem..
I am sick women
I wonder why you like me
I hear your voice inside my heart
I see your face around me
I want to be like others women
I am sick women
I pretend to do anything I want
I feel sad I can't do anything
I touch my tummy
I worry I can't be your perfect wife
I cry because I afraid
I am sick women
I understand who I am
I say Allah s.w.t always be with me
I dream I will happy entire of my life
I try to always be motivated person
I hope you always stay with me
I am sick women

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